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Nuga Studio

NUGA Studio is a creative studio that combines different disciplines with technology and art.

We make creative designs, art works and interactive applications by using technologies such as motion capture, digitization, virtual reality, 3d printing – 3d scanning, augmented reality and interactive programming. We also share our knowledge and skills in these areas with the new generations and the ones who are interested in the subject by making workshops and presentations in such areas as universities and art centers.
Nowadays, when digital transformation affects every area of ​​our life, we try to carry our creativity to the highest point by adding value to people’s life with different works.
As NUGA Studio, we are looking for maximum effectiveness in the works created by going beyond the envisaged technological developments.





Founder: Onur Çömlekçi

Onur Çömlekçi, the founder of Nuga Studio, has worked in the field of architectural design and visualization in the private sector for many years. As of 2018 Onur started to carry out his projects under Nuga Studio.
He produced projects based on technology and art, and made presentations and workshops about these projects.
He considers and uses the computer as an important instrument in his professional life. People, space and technology are always at the center of his projects. Especially, the changes created by technological developments in human life are always on the focal point of his projects.